Serving Charleston, One Fence at a Time

Fences bring us closer together — if you make them correctly. As a Carolina fence company, we’re committed to helping the residents of the Charleston area improve their properties and, by extension, their quality of life.

Why Fences?

If you’re not sure about installing a fence, here are a few motivating factors we’ve found over the years spent operating as a fence company in North Charleston, SC.

Improve Your View

Fences can dramatically improve your view. It doesn’t matter if you live in a suburb like North Charleston or the heart of the Holy City. A fence can block off unpleasant views and create an oasis in your yard.

Secure Your Property

Open spaces invite trouble. Fences can be the perfect way to secure the exterior of your home or workplace. It’s an added obstacle for unwanted intruders and can even serve as a deterrent for wild animals and other pests.

Provide a Safe Space

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting up a chainlink barrier on your own in Portland, OR or ordering a wooden panel installation from a Mount Pleasant, SC fence company. If you have kids or pets (or both) in the house, you’ll appreciate the safety that an enclosed space provides.

Protect Your Yard

Your yard is fully exposed to the elements. In Chucktown, depending on the time of year, that could mean high winds, scorching sun, or lots of rain. A fence can provide an additional layer of protection for your landscaping and outbuildings when serious weather rolls into town.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

A fence is clean. It’s neat. If it’s made well and with quality material, it can instantly improve your property value. Boosting that curb appeal is also essential if you ever want to attract buyers in Silicon Harbor.

Establish Boundary Lines

Life is good when everyone knows their boundaries. This isn’t just a work-life issue. It’s also a property one. A fence can send a quiet yet firm message of where your space starts and ends.
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