You're on your way to an outstanding experience.

Our teams are ready to overwhelm you with amazing service that meets the highest standards in craftsmanship.
Provide your information, or call us at 843.345.4454

Our Process

Schedule an appointment to have your property measured.
We give you an estimate within 24 hours.
Review your estimate, and approve or request changes.
Once approved, make a deposit to begin the process.
We handle HOA approval (if needed).
Schedule your install at your convenience.
We install your fence and ensure you are satisfied.
You tell your friends and neighbors about us.

5-Star Value

We always strive to offer 5-star customer service. We want you to feel you are getting more than you expected because we care more about satisfied customers than just building a fence. We believe in making your needs our top priority.

What makes our service 5-star quality?
Exceptional Product
Professional Staff
Timely Delivery
Outstanding Service
Satisfied Customers


Our warranty is simple.  A one-year workmanship warranty will cover any area of work we did while installing your fence. Whether it's a gate, post or picket, we've got you covered. Each manufacturer we use guarantees its materials.

We have a saying around our shop: "We don't like to do things twice." That means we have complete confidence in what we are installing, the materials we use, and who we have installing it. We'll make sure we get it done right the first time.
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