Fences bring us closer together.

Our top priority is adding value to our customers’ lives through excellent service, delightful experience, and strong relationships. We just happen to do that by building fences.

Our Values



Although fences are the result, we hope you’ll remember us by your experience. From the moment we discuss your vision until the final piece is installed, we work to serve you and treat you as a friend.


We don’t take shortcuts or use cheap materials, because we stake our reputation on your satisfaction. Our greatest joy is knowing you love spending time in your yard or that you feel safer because of the work we deliver.


We never want our fences to be a reminder of a bad experience. We serve you by doing our best work, by showing up when it matters, and communicating problems and solutions when needed.


Although it goes without saying, we put great emphasis on safety through the equipment we use, our hiring and training process, and how we treat people and the properties with which we have been entrusted.


Excellence depends on how we present ourselves and interact with our customers. Showing up on time, open communication, and even our appearances are some of the many ways we ensure your confidence.
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Peter & Emily George

Who We Are

Dig a deep hole, set the post, and pour a bunch of cement. That’s how it starts. While installing posts is only part of the process, we do it because it’s important that the fence is anchored firmly to the ground. That’s how you build a fence, and we believe that’s how you build a company.

With backgrounds in both real estate development and hospitality, I started Fence SC in 2011 seeing a large opportunity in the industry for a company that is intentional about customer service and quality. Our team is built around experienced fence builders and problem solvers who do what’s best for the customer.

Since then we have been serving Charleston area residents and businesses by being intentional about customer satisfaction and quality results. We believe we’ll always have fences to build and outdoor landscapes to improve as long as we treat our customers as friends and go above and beyond with every installation.

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