Your Local Friends Who Happen to Also Build Fences

We pride ourselves on building more than quality fences. As a Carolina fence company, we also create relationships forged on trust, loyalty, and the knowledge that only the best is acceptable.

Local Pride

We aren’t just a fencing company. We’re a Carolina fence company and we’re proud of that fact. We’re invested in the greater Charleston area and are proud to be part of the Silicon Harbor community.

Impeccable Service

We know that folks in Chas expect the best. As an SC fence company, we incorporate quality, safety, and accountability into everything that we do.

Long-Term Relationships

We plan on serving the community of Charleston for a long time to come. For us, each SC fence installation is the beginning of a new relationship we plan on keeping for a very long time.
We’re building a community through top-notch professionalism and exceptional service. For us, fences don’t just improve our properties. They bring us closer together.
Join Our Community
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